Calling All Vinyl Hunters – Black Pegasus Just Released 2x Ultra-Rare Common Cuts

Keen collectors surely noticed that Common’s 1992 debut album Can I Borrow A Dollar was re-released by Nature Sounds as part of this year’s Record Store Day celebrations. What many don’t know, however, is there’s another ultra-rare 7-inch of two previously unreleased Common cuts making their way to brick-and-mortar record shops in the coming days.

Chicago area DJ and record collector Marc Davis announced last week that his microlabel Black Pegasus is releasing two previously unissued recordings from Common’s Can I Borrow A Dollar recording sessions, called “U.A.C. Freestyle” and an alternate take of album cut “Charms Alarm.” Sourced from Davis’ passion for collecting early recordings from Chicago’s hip-hop and house scenes, as well as a life-long friendship with Common, the recordings provide a rare glimpse into the budding foundations of the Chicago hip-hop scene, which has gone on to blossom and launch the careers of countless rappers and MCs who came after.

So far, the release – like nearly all Black Pegasus releases – is vinyl-only, with no plans for streaming or digital sales. The “Holy Grail” record is available now on BigCartel for $40, but there’s no official number of pressings, and Davis himself expects the stock to sell out “within a week.” Davis also says the 7-inch will be making its way to brick-and-mortar record shops around Chicago (“Dusty Grooves, Shuga Records, and 606 Records”), and a few around the world (“I’m literally getting calls from Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, and Germany”), and expects those to sell quickly too.

Act fast and see if you can grab one of these! Check out Marc Davis’ full interview on the release with Chicago Reader HERE and catch Common on the beach with us, Saturday, June 23rd.