Just Announced! The Community Center and Stage

As a festival, Mamby celebrates all things that make Chicago great and its patchwork of neighborhoods are a key element to that greatness. In Bronzeville and Hyde Park, Mamby has been welcomed by two of our city’s most culturally diverse communities and rich with music, spoken word, and performing arts. They also happen to be home to numerous socially conscious non-profits that are dedicated to affecting positive social change in our hometown and beyond.

Our Community Center is a chance to recognize and elevate these causes, bring festival attendees into our community, and inspire people to get involved on a local level in their own neighborhoods.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the Community Stage will feature the best and brightest upcoming talent from Chicago, including performances from the likes of Young Chicago Authors, The Common Ground Foundation, Final Alert Dance Team, Haven Studios, The Happiness Club, Harold Washington Cultural Center, Dyett High School, Pachanga, and more.

The neighboring Non-Profit Village will host a variety of crucial social causes from in and around Chicago, including OurMusicMyBody, M.U.R.A.L. (formerly The Lupe Fiasco Foundation), Planned Parenthood of Illinois, Mothers Against Senseless Killings (MASK), LeadersUp, with many more to be announced.

Beyond performance and advocacy, The Cultural Center will host a wide selection of fun in the sun for all attendees, from a fully revamped Food Truck Stop, to the Local Craft Beer Tent, Bai Water Lounge, and even more in what is shaping up to be our best year yet!


DJ Dr. McCoy – 12:30 PM
Aynde Cartman – 1:15 PM
Common Ground Foundation presents:
Conner Boston – 1:20 PM
Final Alert Dance Team – 1:30 PM
Haven Studios Showcase – 2:00 PM
Young Chicago Authors presents:
Ca$h Era – 2:30 PM

Best of Wordplay – 2:45 PM
A Young Chicago Authors curated open mic featuring…
LyriQ the Misfit

Additional performances by…
Ace Davinci
Arielle Appleberry
Del Marie
Emily Jones
FRSH Waters
Kee Stein
Oliv Blu

Ca$h Era – 3:45 PM

Black Girl Magic – 4:00 PM
Curated by…
Jamila Woods

Hosted by…
Britteney Black
Rose Kapri
Rachel “Raych” Jackson

Featuring performances by…
Ciara Miller
E’Mon Lauren
Kemi Alabi
Xandria Phillips
The Happiness Club – 5:00 PM
Harold Washington Cultural Center presents:
Broadway In Brozeville – Live! – 5:45 PM-

Bianca Shaw – 6:30 PM

Dyett High School Dance Team – 7:00 PM

Keya & Gifted Keys – 7:30 PM


DJ Dr. McCoy – 12:30 PM
Common Ground Foundation presents:
Garret Miller – 12:30 PM
Kayin Beauchamp – 12:40 PM
Ramya Herman – 12:50 PM
Matt B – 1:45 PM
M.U.R.A.L. presents:
Move Me Soul Dance & Spoken Word – 2:00 PM
Young Chicago Authors presents:
Timmy V – 2:30 PM

Best of Wordplay – 2:30 PM
A Young Chicago Authors curated open mic featuring…
E’mon Lauren

Additional performances by…
Christian JaLon
Jalen Kobayashi
Jesse 5000
Kara Jackson
Zen Wavy

Pachanga DJs – 3:45 PM

Louder Than A Bomba – 4:00 PM
featuring and curated by…
Jose Olivarez

Additional performances by…
Celeste Sanchez
Iván Pérez-Zayas
Kaina Castillo & Sen Morimoto
Ken Muñoz
Lester Rey
Luis Carranza
Sara Salgado
Vicky Peralta
MaDD Rhythms Tap Dance – 5:00 PM
Pastor Chris Harris & The Bright Star COGIC Choir – 5:30 PM
ROE – 6:15 PM
Krystal Metcalf – 6:45 PM
Carya Holmes – 7:30 PM