Domino’s Delivering Pizza To Beaches This Summer

Ah yes, with the coming of spring and beautiful weather (seriously, any day now, we swear), companies are rolling out new opportunities to #interact with their #brands!

In a sign of the wonderful and ever changing times of technology we live in, Domino’s is now allowing pizza fans to order pies to beaches and parks for the first time ever. As big, big fans of both pizza and the outdoors, we’re really stoked for what this means for the future: pizza on the beach. The name says it all.

But see here’s another thing: we’ve been on the ‘pizza on the beach’ tip at Mamby for a few years now (YOU’RE WELCOME DOMINOS) and we’ll already have you covered on the food front when you get here, with a smorgasbord level selection of pizza, BBQ, smoothies, healthy selections (shout out our gluten free & vegan homies, we see you), and lots more. You’re going to be enjoying a whole host of variously portable snacks and treats when you’re on the beach, pizza might even get a little jealous.

So while it may be tempting, we strongly advise you do not order a Domino’s and have them chuck it to you over or under the fence. We’d admire the stunt but would also super kick you out. Stay tuned to this space for our full details for on-site food vendors, coming very soon!