[STREAM] Nora En Pure Gets In The Groove On New Single, “Sphinx”

South African-Swiss DJ and producer Nora En Pure has established herself as a globetrotter and one apart when it comes to the style of deep house. Keeping things bass-driven, yet laced with superior harmonics and musicality, Nora’s music is a singular experience, deftly combining elements from the underground and mainstream in a way none of her contemporaries can replicate.

Her newest track “Sphinx” is proof positive, as it blends delicate Spanish guitar with a clean, heavy house beat and disco violin stabs that surround the listener from all sides. To listen on headphones or big speakers feels like being inside the track itself, which is some of the highest praise you can give a tune like this.

Stream “Sphinx” now and catch Nora En Pure on Saturday, June 23rd in the Mixmag x Beatport DJ Tent.