[STREAM] Walker And Royce Team Up With Ardalan for ‘Escapade’ EP

Walker and Royce have been simmering for a few years as proteges of Crosstown Rebels, Relief Records, and Dirtybird, before kicking the door in last year with the explosive “Take Me To Your Leader (ft. Dances With White Girls).” Quickly cementing themselves as reliable suppliers of Summertime-ready house music, W&R are back for 2018, teaming up with fellow Dirtybirder Ardalan for the two-track EP Escapade. Starting at a simmer, each track cranks up the heat and are surefire party starters for warm days and cool nights. “Iz The Shit” has a hair-raising build up that lasts half the track, while “Turn It Around” is straight-up mischief. Both tracks bring chaos, but never lose the house groove for a moment. Expect to hear both of these in heavy rotation this year.

Stream Escapade below and catch Walker and Royce Sunday, June 24th.