[WATCH] CupcakKe Reaches Boss Levels In New “Quiz” Music Video

CupcakKe is, without question, one of the most outspoken rappers in the game right now. Hailing from right here in Chicago, she’s unafraid of most any topic in her lyrics, especially if it checks the boxes of raunchy, wild, and fun. Accordingly, her newest video for “Quiz” features all the above, with CupcakKe taking on a hater inside of an arcade fighting game, channeling her inner Beatrix Kiddo with a Kill Bill-inspired get up, and doing it all while asking why a certain measurement is “longer than your money.” It’s also one of the only CupcakKe videos you can get away with watching at work, provided you’ve got headphones.

Watch “Quiz” now and don’t miss CupcakKe on Saturday, June 23rd.