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Wellness Workshops: Free to All Mamby Attendees

Wellness Workshops: Free to All Mamby Attendees

April 28, 2017

Workshop Schedules Released!
Session 1:: 3:40pm – 4:10pm Summer Love & Self Care with Caitlin Neal
Session 2:: 5:45pm – 6:30pm Sanitize Smarter/Essential Oils with Marisa & Monica

Session 1:: 3pm – 3:40pm Mastering Everyday Movement with Marisa Moon
Session 2:: 4:15pm – 5pm BBQ Season Strategies with Marisa Moon
Sesson 3:: 6:15pm – 6:45pm Heart Vibes with Caitlin Neal

Continuing our More than Music series, we’re thrilled to share details for our Wellness Workshops!  These workshops are FREE to all Mamby attendees.  Schedules to be announced closer to the fest.

Mastering Everyday Movement & Finding Time for Play: Functional Movement that Encourage Longevity & Lifelong Mobility

The basic movements, ranges of motion, and weight-bearing actions our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years can still impact our health today. That’s why this year, Nike trainers and founders of Live Better Co. Jason Loebig & Bret Gornik will be walking Mamby attendees through a complete series of “functional movement” that aims to promote lifelong mobility. The workshop will focus on grounding, walking, hiking, pushups, pull-ups, squatting, carrying weight in unevenly distributed ways, and challenging yourself to always try something new. With the support and guidance of professionally certified trainers, attendees will be able to educate and refresh themselves using the hidden fitness techniques of the past.

Barbecue Season Tips: Strategies to Defend Your Health When Charring, Smoking, and Grilling Foods

With barbecue season right around the corner, Mamby is thrilled to host an exclusive wellness workshop that teaches useful techniques to defend your health while enjoying your favorite charred, smoked, or grilled foods. There’s a lot we can do to make grilled food and meats healthier—according to certified Primal Health Coach Marisa Moon—which doesn’t include giving them up. During this interactive course at the festival, attendees will be informed about the toxins caused by smoking and grilling meats, and the proper ways to protect ourselves from the harmful effects. From the use of marinades and low & slow methods, to a roundup of useful herbs, grill accessories and cooking oils; the Barbecue Tips workshop is the perfect way to prepare for the grilling season ahead. For an added treat, fans can look forward to a live Chimichurri sauce cooking demo and tasting!

Sanitize Smarter: Using Essential Oils & Intentionally Getting Dirty

What better way to celebrate this sun-soaked music festival weekend than to honor the intelligent systems provided to us by nature—in our bodies and on this Earth. During the Sanitize Smarter workshop, Mamby goers will be able to learn about the body’s natural, germ-fighting resistance and some of the history behind our modern “sanitized nation”. Certified Health Coach Marisa Moon will walk attendees through the milestones that have led to a society obsessed with sanitation and prove why the human body still wants to get dirty. Fans will learn about the important microbes on our skin and in our guts, protecting us against illness. Incredibly, our immune system has the ability to defend us with the help of plants and essential oils. Follow along the live Q&A as Marisa interviews Herbalist Monica Yearwood. Get answers to all of your pressing questions about using essential oils effectively and sanitizing smarter in the modern world. Finally we’ll wrap things up with aromatherapy samples and a DIY hand sanitizer demonstration.

Optimize Your Mind: Diet, Mindfulness & Lifestyle Approaches to Encourage Brain Cell Growth & Resilience at Any Age

Science now shows how important our lifestyle choices are in protecting our brain for vitality, happiness, and health at any age. For attendees interested in new and engaging ways to encourage brain cell growth and health, Marisa Moon provides an in-depth look at “neurogenesis” – the process of growing new brain cells. Fans will learn which foods promote or inhibit brain health, how lifestyle habits like sleep and stress can affect neurogenesis, and how to prioritize your brain for maximum vitality. From helpful discussion to inclusive brain optimizing exercises, the Optimize Your Mind workshop promises to introduce easy and exciting ways for attendees to protect and enhance their brains!

Sexuality & Relationships

Caitlin V is a sex and relationship coach who helps people find authentic connection, radical self-acceptance, and unconditional love. She utilizes both science and magick to help everyone she connects with trust their intuition, discover their deepest desires, release shame, and develop their confidence. This year, Mamby goers will be able to experience several of Caitlin’s themed workshops over the festival weekend. “Self-Love and Self-Care” will explore relationships through self-discovery, and how self-knowledge makes for truly fulfilling relationships and authentic connection to others. “Being in Relationships” will examine what it means to be in, create, and transform relationships. Finally, “Love and Light Heartedness” will give attendees the chance to play with ideas about sexuality and relationships in a safe and supportive space.